INTRODUCING – The Zeppelin Rug!

Another new release for us here! Our much anticipated Zeppelin rugs have finally arrived. And you won’t be disappointed with these luxe cotton rugs. Jump on for a ride to the medina with this freewheeling style. The Zeppelin rug will help you channel your inner gypsy and polish your reputation for excess and debauchery…ok deep breaths, it’s just a rug. Or is it? Each Zeppelin rug measures 1.2 x 1.8m, and features tufted cotton tassels on each end. We have released these in two amazing colourways – Blue/Blush and Grey. The grid and floral pattern is block printed on a base of rich cotton with a touch of gold lurex – For a hint of awesomeness.

Artistic Freedom for all! Oh and patterned rugs… Plus they are only $199! Find them here.